How to store information eternaly? Glass.

4 years ago

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You know when your hard disk starts getting old and you start worrying about your data? When normal and SSD disks do too many writes on disk, the disk gets worn out, and at any moment data can vanish or the disk can get ruined.
Hitachi, a japanese company well known in the technology world, found a way to solve this problem: glass.

Glass allows the storage of data by recording dots in a thin layer of quartz glass, being that dots represent binary data. But how can this data be read you ask? A microscope can easily read the data, and this kind of microscope is easily integrated on today`s PC`s.
Data stored in glass is practically eternal, as it would take thousands, if not millions of years for the stored data to get completely corrupted. Pretty good huh?

This can and should be the future`s way of storing data, as glass can work as normal hard disks, by putting layer upon layer, allowing a great storage capacity. Each layer is only 2mm thick and can support up to 1000 degrees for more than 2h, plus it`s water resistant. These are all advantages against which the normal disks can fight.

What do you think, would you like a glass disk :D ?

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