How To Stay Motivated This Winter!

4 years ago

Winter is the season where people eat a lot more `comfort` food, and tend to stay indoors for the warmth.

But that does not mean you can`t stay motivated!

<em> For me Winter is about to end, but I know for the other side of the world the cold is about to hit! So I thought this would be helpful!</em>

<strong> Tip Number One! </strong>

You always want something fun! By this I mean something like "Zumba" or "Dancing" I know a lot of people won`t want to go for runs in the cold weather, so anything a lot more fun is great!

<strong> Tip Number Two! </strong>

Technology! Track your progress on an app! Or use apps for workouts! Most exercise apps on the iphone/ipod etc are so good! And they work!

<strong> Tip Number Three! </strong>

Blend it into your daily life! So take the stairs instead of an elevator, if it`s not too cold rug up and walk to the shops. Just little things like that!

<strong> Tip Number Four! </strong>

Workout gear! Buy some amazing looking workout outfits, that you look amazing in! Or even as a goal to look even better in!

<strong> Tip Number Five! </strong>

Join a gym! Gyms can sometimes be costly, but you can always almost find deals for a gym. This usually motivates people so they get their money worth!

<strong> Tip Number Six! </strong>

Join a class! Or do it at home with friends! You could easily do a karate lesson with friends a week! Or even have your friends come over weekly to have a healthy night! Where you watch movies and workout at the same time! (Google the Harry Potter Workout challenge and do something like that!)

<em> Good luck!</em>

<strong> Do you want to lose weight? Do you usually gain comfort food weight in Winter?</strong>

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