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hey luuuxers! I wanted to tell you guys a little about how to spot fake mac products. If you are like me and you don`t have a M.A.C store close to you and have to buy the products online your best bet is to buy the products in their official page. But if you choose to buy it on ebay this is how you can tell if they are fake or not.

1. the fake eyeshadows open up in a 90° angle the original mac eyeshadow open up all the way.

2. the print on the eyeshadow is thicker and darker than the original one.

3.some of the fake eyeshadows have mirrors and a aplicator
(not all of them but some of them have it)

4. the fake one is a little bit smaller

6. they don`t have palettes only the one that you customize, (they come in duos, quads and 15 eyeshadows) at least online.

7. the palettes that they sell only say M.A.C they don`t have anything else on the cover (like the one above)

this is from my experience and what i know, again i have to purchase them online cause i dont have a close store and i usually buy them from the official site and then one day i decided to buy them from ebay and it had all the of the above. sometimes in ebay you can actually find the real one but if you come across something like this you know is fake and if you can return them return them or stay with it. Hopefully this helps :)
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