How to spot fake Christian Louboutins.

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Lately I`ve been spotting a lot of fake Louboutins in public, online, and on ebay. So, I`m going to make sure that my fabulous luuuxers do not get bamboozled into purchasing fakes. I am totally against fakes. I feel like it takes away from the designer. I`m a designer so I would hate if someone counterfeited one of my $600 shoes/bags and sold it for $200 or less. But that`s just me.

1. The pricing. Louboutins practically go for about $600+. I know for a fact that Saks and Neiman Marcus sometimes has them on sale for about $250-$300. Anything less than that is more than likely a fake unless they are used.

2. The soles. Louboutin soles are a shiny, laquered looking red leather that scratches very easily. Fake Louboutin soles are a matte, dull, dark red. BEWARE !

3. The inside. Everything inside should match in both shoes.

4. Craftsmanship and stitching. The craftsmanship should be crisp. All of the leather should be nice and smooth opposed to a fake that has bulky, bulged up "leather". The stitching thread will always match the leather. The back stitching will also be crisp and flat. On fakes there is a tab on the back along with more bulged up "leather".

5. The platforms. On reals the platforms are slightly thick, yet smooth. Fakes have obnoxious platforms.

6. The fit. Reals fit like a glove. Fakes feel like you`re wearing a brick on your foot.

7. Dustbags and boxes. The boxes are sturdy. They don`t bend or crease. Dustbags are made of thick, quality material.

I hope this helped. Be aware of counterfeiters online or anywhere for that matter.

xo, Jasmine. <3

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