How To Roast Squash Seeds!

3 years ago

In this post, you`ll learn how to make the most of a spaghetti squash (or any gourd, really!) and roast the seeds for a quick, yummy snack! :)

-spaghetti squash (or gourd of your choice)
(yes, it is that simple!)

1. Obtain a Spaghetti Squash

In order to get the seeds, you`ll first need to get the squash. You can always substitute the spaghetti squash for another kind of squash or even a pumpkin! All gourds are similar in this regard.

2. Cut Open The Squash
This is probably the hardest part because gourds have very tough exteriors. I recommend using a large, serrated knife. Cut the ends of the spaghetti squash off and then cut it open vertically.

3. Remove The Innards, Collect Seeds
The `guts` of the squash is where you`ll find all the seeds. But also all the stringy, slimy stuff, too (see picture 2). Do your best to separate the two. I tend to scrape the seeds out with a fork over a cup or bowl for the seeds to fall into and collect.

4. Rinse The Seeds
If you`ve collected your seeds in a cup or bowl like I did, just run some water into the cup, mix the seeds around, and pour the water out. This rinses the seeds off and gets rid of any excess squash `guts` that may still remain!

5. Place Seeds Onto Tray
Dumps the seeds you collected from the inside of the squash out onto an oven tray. I cover mine with aluminum to prevent the seeds from burning. Make sure the seeds are all separated, otherwise they will not cook evenly.

6. Season With Salt
Sprinkle some salt over the seeds. I use regular salt, but my bet is that sea salt would be even better! You can also add any other seasonings of your choice if you so desire.

7. Put Into Oven
Put the seeds into the oven and bake at a medium heat just for a few minutes (see picture 3). Check the seeds after a few minutes - you may want to `flip` them or shuffle them around a bit. To check if they`re done, pop one onto your mouth! They should be crunchy but with a small chew to them, too.

8. Enjoy!
Enjoy the yummy seeds you just roasted and revel in the fact that you got a snack out of cooking a vegetable used for a different purpose (see my previous post on how to make spaghetti squash!). It`s nice to get the most out of something like that! :)

Have you ever roasted your own seeds? It`s a popular thing to do especially around Halloween with pumpkin seeds! This same method applies to those seeds, too!

*Images are my own!*

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