How To Roast Almonds In The Microwave!

3 years ago

How great are roasted almonds?! I love them as snack or just to add into my yogurt because not only do they taste good and give a extra `crunch` to it, but they are also very healthy and rich in the good kinds of fat and nutrients.

However, not everybody has access to an oven (if you live in a dorm for example, you might just have a microwave), or the oven is broken, or you just don`t want to bother with the oven to roast some almonds, but if you have a microwave you shouldn`t be deprived of the awesomeness of roasted almonds =D

SO, here is how to roast them on the microwave : Just get some regular almonds ( i buy a big bag of natural almonds and then do this at home) and spread them in a plate to take to the microwave. Try to spread them as better as you can so a lot of them don`t stay on top of each other because that can change the roasting process.
Take the plate with the almonds to the microwave in the highest temperature - also, my microwave is just a basic one with no grill function and does this just fine - and set the timer for 5 minutes.

That should be enough, however since microwaves are different and the time can change from one to another, just do the 5 minute time and check on them, if they seem already roasted (you can tell not only by the smell, which is great =D but also by the color), then just leave them to cool. If not, add more time, like another 5 minutes or less, and check on them again. It might be a bit boring at first but the second time you will get what time you should use.

ONE TIP : The almonds i get have the skin on them, i honestly don`t mind and eat them with the skin, some times it falls apart after being roasted, but if you get this kind of almonds and want to take remove the skin just boil them (before roasting) and then after being boiled use a towel to dry them and rub the skin out. After they cool down, do the process i just described.

After that, just enjoy =D -I thought there were some people out there that might not have access to a oven or just don`t want to bother with it and the microwave is easier and quicker, you just put them in there with the timer and thats it, while on the oven you might have to check on them more regularly.

Hope this helps out or just gives you some new information :)

- Btw, how often do you eat roasted almonds or `just` almonds?

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