How To Reuse Your Slatkin amp Co. Candle Containers

6 years ago

You paid nearly $20 for one of these Bath & Body Works candles, so why not get all your money`s worth?

One of my New Years resolutions was to be more green. No not green with envy, more like environment friendly green. I am constantly finding ways to help preserve our natural resources such as bringing my own reusable bags with me when I do grocery shopping, car pooling, recycling etc. Therefore, I wanted to share my most recent "Green" moment with all of you.

As I was burning the last bit of my Frosted Cupcake candle (goodness how I loved that candle), I came up with the idea to reuse the pretty glass container as soon as there was no more candle left to burn. I knew I could find many ways I could reuse it, so I was definitely not going to throw it away and let it go to waste.

Here is what I did to clean out the container:

1. While the wax is still melted, use a spoon to remove all of the leftover wax.
2. Peel off the front sticker label really slowly to ensure it comes of in one piece.
3. Saturate the bottom sticker label with Goo Gone Spray Gel and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. The Goo Gone is so the sticker can come off easier. If you do not have this product, try using warm water mixed with soap.
4. Once you have let the Goo Gone sit for several minutes, peel label off.
5. Once all the labels and wax have been removed, wash your container with warm water and soap and dry.

You now have a new container to use for whatever you want. You can use it to store cotton swabs, makeup remover pads, beads, bracelets, etc. You can even reuse it for burning other candles or making your own! The possibilities are endless =)

Let me know if you decide to do this!

Thank you for reading. I may be doing more posts like this so stay tuned. =)

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