How to reuse your face sheet masks

4 years ago

Who doesn`t love cloth/sheet masks? They`re especially refreshing in the summer heat. What I don`t love are the prices and the pain of having to order them from Asia. So I`ve figured out a way to really stretch your mask and your buck!

Call me cheap -- I know many masks are only a buck or two a piece, but you have to admit most companies over do it on the essence. There`s usually enough for at least 2-3 applications -- I always rub the excess on my neck or hands but there`s STILL so much thrown away -- a dollar or not, it`s still a waste! And there are plenty of masks that still go for $5-20 a piece -- believe me for those I plan on using EVERY last drop of essence!

Here`s how to get 2-3 uses out of each mask:
1) Open your mask, remove the backing, and gently squeeze the excess serum into a zip lock bag. Make sure to leave enough on your mask for your first application! Some of the essence will run down your hands so pat your face with it before applying the mask.
2) Don`t forget to pour in the excess from the package.
If there`s a lot, you can divide this into two zip lock bags.
3) Apply the mask as usual. You`ll notice that there`s still plenty of essence to soak into your skin!

4) Once done, boil 1-2 cups of water.

5) Place the mask in pot and boil for one minute to sanitize.

6) Remove the mask with tongs or chopsticks.
7) Hold the mask under cold running water or place in a bowl of cold water to cool it off.
8) Gently squeeze all the water out of the mask.
9) Fold up the mask and place inside the zip lock bag filled with essence. Shake the bag around or squeeze the essence into the mask to let it absorb.
10) Store the baggie in a safe place or chill it in the refrigerator. When you`re ready to use it, remove from, bag, unfold, and apply like usual. As good as new!
12) Repeat the boiling process for the mask if you made up a second baggie of essence.

Also, if you don`t want to go through the boiling/sanitizing method for the mask, your can buy just the sheet masks in bulk for really cheap!

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