How to repair over-processed hair

First off let me just give you an idea of how damaged my hair was. When I bleached my hair to the point of no return, it broke off when I dyed it brown. My fringe was fraying at the front and it looked like i was bald. My hair would stretch and come apart, and i could pull my hair from the ends..... I cried.

I decided to get clued up, watch videos, read tutorials, reviews and this is the first thing that really helped my hair.

Bedhead recovery shampoo SAVED MY TRESSES! It is damage level 2 (damage level 1 starts with a red bottle called resurrection, i believe the damage levels start with 1, the worst, then goes up as your hair gets better). I started with the red and when it ran out, after around 2 months, my hair was in a better condition and moved onto the 2nd stage, recovery.

I`ve linked you to the cheapest find which is both bottles for around £12, may I STRESS this is EXCEPTIONALLY good value. I actually paid £20 for both because i bought them separately in a hair salon.... bad move :`( but hey i can`t complain my hair feels beautiful! Now, i`m sure you know what I mean if your hair is so damaged it`s depressing you,that you`ve researched all the science into getting your hair back to normal.

What I have grasped is that Keratin, which is what the hair follicles need to work their best, is what you need in shampoos. The bedhead range all have Keratin in their shampoos, which is great! Another ingredient which a LOT of shampoos out there have in them is SILICONE, this is bad!! Very bad as it actually coats your hair rather than feeding the scalp. Shampoos such as Aussie, Herbal Essences are all guilty of this. It`s best to use a small amount (you really don`t need a lot) and create a lather in your hands, as because there is no silicone, it won`t lather that much. The smell is amazing and to be honest, for what you pay it does an amazing job!

Can I please also stress to TOWEL DRY YOUR HAIR BEFORE YOU SHAMPOO AND AGAIN BEFORE YOU CONDITION! If you try to shampoo and condition your hair when it is soaking wet, it will dilute any goodness out of it, you will find it will work it`s best when the hair is towel dried.

I`m not saying this is the only thing that you need in order to help your hair repair, a lot of it comes with time, but this is definitely a good place to start! Read some of my other posts about hair repair :) xoxoxoxo P.s hope this helped you enormous amounts mwah!

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