How to Repair Dry, Damaged Hair

I`ve always had frizzier hair simply because it has a natural curl to it. Humidity touches the tip of one hair and POOF! Suddenly my hair could fit right in back in a 1972 disco. On top of my hair`s natural fluff, I have definitely done some damage to it. Dying, bleaching, ratting, blow dryers, straighteners, you name it-I`ve done it. And all that has really taken a toll on my hair. Hence my constant searching for a better shampoo and conditioner that promises sleeker, shinier, healthier hair.

I have been a shampoo/conditioner snob for a long time. I`ve always felt that you get what you pay for as far as hair products go. So I`ve always stuck with top brand names; the tried and true greats that I`ve read countless glowing reviews on. Times have changed, money`s tight and it was time to find a cheaper option.

I came across a little review on Aussie`s Moist line. First off, I hate the word "moist". Ugh. I don`t know what it is, but that word just gives me the heeby-jeebys. Anyway, at the time there weren`t that many reviews on it. Maybe 4 or 5 one liners that basically said yay or nay on whether to get it. But for a bottle under $5, umm yay! I`m willing to try that! And the website, of course, swore I would see great results.

Well I`ve been using this line for over a month now and I am totally and completely shocked! Pretty much floored. After using Joico K-Pak (expensive! omg!) for months and months, Aussie`s 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner completely blew Joico`s Reconstruct deep conditioner out of the water! And at a fraction of the price! I`d really have to say, in complete honesty, out of all the deep conditioners I`ve used, this is hands down the most effective. So shocking especially because it`s so cheap!!

The Moist shampoo and conditioner are both thick and creamy (which I really like!) and the shampoo lathers really well. My hair feels very clean after I shampoo and so so so incredibly soft after conditioning!

My usual routine is to shampoo first (of course), then apply the conditioner. Then I put my conditioned hair up in a clip and go through the rest of my shower ritual and save washing out the conditioner until right before I get out and dry off. A couple times a week I switch it up. I`ll apply the conditioner, but immediately wash it out. Then put on the 3 Minute Miracle deep conditioner and leave that in until the end of the shower. When I first started using this line, I used the 3 Minute Miracle every time I washed my hair for the first few weeks. That really did work miracles for my dry, damaged hair. It is so much softer now! And unlike with expensive salon brands, Aussie smells amazing! I love getting wiffs of my hair throughout the day! I smell so clean!

I also picked up the Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner and I love that too!! I use it in conjuction with my Moroccan Oil and since I`ve added the Hair Insurance, my hair has gotten even softer. And again, it smells fantastic!

I will say, if you plan on using this line regularly, I would throw in a clarifying shampoo once or twice a week (depending on how often you wash your hair). The Moist line does leave some residue, although it`s hardly noticeable. It can cause some flaking if you use it continuously without a clarifying shampoo to get rid of the bit of residue.

Long story short, though, the Aussie Moist line has completely lived up to its claims. I will continue to use this in my hair care rotation for years to come! I hope you take a very cheap chance and try it out. I think you`ll like the results ;) Happy hair recovery!

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