How to Remove Wax and Reuse Candle Jar!

4 years ago

Hey All,

Now I`m sure all of you are candle lovers! Like myself! I love candles! I am currently in the process of starting up a good collection.

Anyways, If you have that favorite candle that you constantly burn and there is no more wick to light it, most of you may just throw way the candle itself! But what you should do is save those glass jars and reuse them!

What to do:
1) Place the candle in the freezer for about an hour- the coldness from the freezer will shrink the excess wax and loosen it from the sides.
2) Grab a dull knife, like a butter knife and stab the wax to break it.
3)Peel of the label, and the sticker on the bottom as well
4) Clean off the remaining glue, wax and residue off. You can also use some baby oil to help remove some.
5) Rinse with some soap and water and dry with a paper towel!

Now You have a clear empty candle jar that you can use for storage, like cotton balls, makeup, hair ties, etc. anything!

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