How to: Remove Waterproof Sunscreen

4 years ago

Everyone knows sunscreen is important: it prevents our skin from burning, which prevents skin cancer.

The biggest pet peeve I hear is the texture of sunscreen on your skin and trying to remove it, especially the waterproof types.

I`ve tried makeup remover, triple washing myself with body wash, and scrubbing hard with loofahs.

The best method I`ve found was exfoliating body washes. The idea was, the beads would just exfoliate the top layer of your skin off, regardless of how much waterproof sunscreen you layer up. You`re then left with baby soft skin that`s smooth.

I found that if you use your hands to gently rub the exfoliating body washes over your skin, it works better than scrubbing endlessly with loofahs. Scrubbing hard with loofahs leaves you with very red skin and you might get remove more than just the dead skin on top.

How you know it`s working is looking at how the water reacts on your skin. With waterproof sunscreen, the water droplets will just roll off your skin and your skin will remain relatively dry. After you exfoliate, you notice that the water does run over your skin like normal.

Just remember, if you exfoliate daily, you should remember to use a light moisturizer after, so your skin doesn`t dry out.

I highly recommend St. Ives Purify Exfoliating Body Wash from the local drug store. It`s only about $5-6 USD a bottle and it lasts quite a bit.

Hope that helps.


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