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4 years ago

Hello everyone! I know I havent done any of these since 1856. ahaha, here is my BEAUTIFUL cousin Jasmine (i know, we couldnt more a like, aahha) we were bored one day, and i decided to do her maeup,,, thats how all our hangouts end up, ahaha. heres a rainbow glittery look and ill explain how i did it!
1. prime and all that good stuff, UD and stay dont stray is my preference

2. apply a white base, OR what i did was took colored eyeliners from UD and put a pink in the first half of the lid and purple on the rest of the lid., whatever floats your boat.
3. I took a MATTE, (dont use shimmery because that would just be chaotic with the glitter) hot pink color and placed it on the corresponding eyeliner base. and do the same with a vibrant purple.
4. make sure you blend these color well! they are all near each other on the color wheel, so blending shouldnt be a big problem.
5. take a light blue and put it in the crease, this is optional, if you dont want to use blue, use an ashy brown and put it in the crease.
6. glitter time :) i used glitter from UD. put glitter adhesive on your prush, and pic up some gold glitter, and apply it to half of your lash line. on the rest of the alshline, apply a green glitter.
7. apply a NUDE or BLACk or COLORED liner, to your waterline. it doesnt matter wich one, all will look beautiful. i used nude.
8. Apply mascaras and or false lashes and youre done!

I hope you enjoyed and thanks so much for reading!

Do you wear colored eyeshadow out?

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