How to quotLongatequot the Look of Your Legs

4 years ago

To all the petite ladies out there, this ones for you!

As a 5` gal, I`ve finally accepted that I`m not getting any taller. But that doesn`t stop me from, LOOKING taller.

Here are my three tricks that I use to fool everyone ;)
1) Ankle jeans, since these cut right at the ankle you get the illusion that the JEANS are too short, not the person. The exposure of your ankles exaggerates, and focuses on the hemline. Usually TALL people have jeans that are too short, not short people. But personally I like the look of them regardless.

2) Waist line; tuck in your pants! When you tuck your pants in, every part of your pants is exposed. This makes it seem like your legs go on forever. If you throw in a thick belt, that indicates where it ends, so I reccommend a skinny one, or none at all.

3) Wedge Boots; these are by far the greatest things. Not only do they add height to you through the heel, they also make your legs look thin. Not sure how, but they do. The picture of Rachel Bilson, she looks average sized right? In reality she`s around 5". The addition of the wedged heel exaggerates the length of her legs, because there is no chunk missing between her toes/heel it seems like her foot doesn`t end until it hits the ground.

These are just my observations, but let me know what you think!

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