How to protect yourself when being followed

1. Know if you`re really being followed. Make sure that they aren`t just walking to a place nearby, or driving slowly because of an obstruction in the road.

2. Cross the road, even if you`re not at a crosswalk, being careful of oncoming traffic. If the person continues walking on the previous side of the road, there is no need to worry. If they cross over to walk behind you again, be alert.

3. Even if they remain on the other side of the road, exercise caution. They may just be trying to lure you into believing they aren`t following you.

3. Walk briskly and look like you know where you`re going. If you appear distracted or dawdling, this may make it easier for the possible predator to attack.

4. Try not to keep looking over your shoulder at them. Use side-mirrors of cars, windows, or any other reflection to check. Speed up, but don`t break into a run. If you must look over your shoulder, don`t look with the corner of your eye; this only makes you look intimidated and weak. It`s better to turn your entire head around until you can see whoever is following you with both eyes.

5. Get into a public place as soon as possible if they continue to follow you. Try and find a group of women or dart into a shop. This would put most possible attackers off.

6. Tell the manager or owner of the building that you`re worried because you think you are being followed. They will most likely contact the police or allow you use of their phone to call someone.

7. Find a well-lit area near the road where cars are passing by if there isn`t a shop nearby. This way you will be easily noticed by people if the stranger attempts to attack.

8. Pass by your house. If you`re driving to your apartment or house and you live alone, pass by it. Never go into your empty house when someone is following you. This would be an easy attack for predators. Instead, go to a neighbor or closeby friend`s house.

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