How to properly wash hair!

I know what you are thinking ,"How can you possible wash youre hair incorrectly?" . Well its not as easy as you think, here are some tips for youre exact hair type /problem .

1. Lets face it you are probly useing way to much shampoo! imagin how much shampoo you normally use , now cut that in half! You should only use about a quater size dollp , if you use to much it can strip the natural oils youre hair need to be happy and healthy!

2. DO NOT SCRUB YOURE SHAMPOO INTO YOURE HAIR!!! It ruins youre hair cuticles, and cuase frizz ,fly aways and split ends. Insteed rub the shampoo in youre palms,gently massage youre scalp the work youre palms through wet hair.

3. rinse youre hair for about one more minute than you usally do, this helps prevent build up and can give youre hair extra sine. then try youre best to get rid of exsses water

4. Use a moisterizing or color protecting conditioner , infused with natural oils . Apply a genourse amount , wait two minutes for hair to soak up moister . then rinse.

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