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4 years ago

Hello Luuuxers !

I completely forgot to feature here an article I wrote about pressing pigments!
It took me two hours to achieve it lol I had 31 pigments but I eneded up only doing 21...

So basically all you need is:
- pigments,
- containers,
- alcool to clean them up and mix the pigments,
- a little scoop,
- a coin to help press it and tissues (lots of tissues),
- a palette where to put your sahdows when done.
I also used a little bowl or jar to mix the pigments with alcool which helped me keep the area a little bit cleaner (but just a little bit) ^^`

When mixing alccol and the pigment, you should get a paste that you are going to put in the containing. Afterwards, you "just" have to place the coin on the tissue and press it on the shadow. It will help set the shadow in place and absorb the alcool.
Then you will have to wait until it is completely dry before putting it in the palette.

And there you go! You have your own shadows ready to go in your palette and creat beautiful looks ! ;)

Thank you very much for your attention and have a wonderful day everyone =D

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Here is the link to my article, in French:

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