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2 years ago

One of the best way to show off your cooking skills are to have a home cooked meals at your house. Yesterday night my family and I were `still` celebrating 4th of July. Since we didn`t get to celebrate on the actual day why not call it 5th of July? Ha!

My brother in law was the main person who put this all together. He grilled both corn and some baby back ribs. My sister made the MAC and Cheese while I just baked the buttery biscuits. It was great helping one another just so we can get things done easily. Also the faster we cook, the faster we will eat.

How to prepare this:

Corn: Soak your corn for a few minutes then sit them neatly on the grill. What I like about it was that it has a sweet taste when I ate the corn. It was delicious. No butter were needed which in the case that I always eat it with it.

MAC n Cheese: Boil the pasta, rinse the pasta, add Velveeta cheese, add minced jalapeƱos and lastly add milk to get a thick texture.

Buttery Buscuits: it was already from a can so all I had to do was to pop it open, separate them and set them on a cooking tray. Watch them beautifully rise.

Baby Back Ribs: It was perfectly cooked on the grill and BBQ sauce was later added on. Sweet Baby Rays BBW sauce are the best.

Thank God we have leftovers because a girl can go for another plate. I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July.

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