How To Peel A Kiwi!

2 years ago

Summer is here and one of my favorite fruits to enjoy is kiwi. It`s tart, it`s sweet, and it`s refreshing! One thing I`m always asked whenever I prepare kiwi in fruit salads or platters, though, is how I peeled it (because I tend to do a lot all at once). It took me awhile to discover this method, but it`s a life-saver!

1. Slice Ends Off
With a knife, slice off both ends of the kiwi (see picture 2). Make sure you can see the seeds - if you can`t, keep slicing thin slices off until you can (you don`t want to eat the `hard` ends of the kiwi).

2. Insert Spoon
Take a regular spoon (if you have both large and small spoons, use the smaller one) and insert it into the kiwi right against the skin. This separates the fruit from the outside. Do NOT remove the spoon (See picture 3).

3. Rotate Spoon
Move your spoon around the inside kiwi so that you separate the skin from the fruit. Make sure to keep applying the pressure of the spoon upward against the skin - this ensures that you leave behind the most fruit possible while removing the skin. If you accidentally break through the skin, that`s okay, just pick up where you left off. Then, you will be left with what picture 4 looks like! :)

4. Slice Your Kiwi!
You now have a fully intact kiwi minus the skin, so you can slice it anyway you want! I like to slice mine into whole, round pieces (see picture 5). You can dip them in chocolate, freeze them, put them in a salad... whatever! Enjoy your kiwi sans peel :)

Let me know how YOU peel your kiwis! It`s the perfect fruit for summer, so enjoy!

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