How to: Newspaper Nails

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Materials needed:
-10 small pieces of newspaper (one inch by one inch pieces work just fine, as long as they cover your entire nails)
-a base coat (I would recommend OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, which is just $4)
-nail polish (preferably a nude or neutral color. When I do mine, I tend to use Mimosas for Mr. & Mrs. by OPI)
-rubbing alcohol
-a small container (such as a shot glass. Just big enough for you to dip your finger into).
-top coat for shine
-nail polish remover
-cotton swabs

Make sure your nails are clean. (Right now would be the perfect type if you`d like to apply some sort of nail strengthener). Apply the top coat in order to protect your nails, and let it dry completely.

Paint your nails in the color you chose. Wait for them to dry, and apply another coat (or as many as you wish).

Pour some rubbing alcohol into your shot glass or small container of your choice. Just enough that will allow for your entire nail to soak.

Making sure your nails are completely dry, dip one of your nails into the alcohol for 5-10 seconds.

Place a small piece of newspaper onto your finger, pressing lightly so as the nail polish won`t rub off. Leave on for about 30 seconds, then lightly peel it off.

Repeat steps for all nails. Wait about a minute so that the newspaper ink will dry, then apply a top coat.

Dip a cotton swab into the nail polish remover, and use it to clean the excess nail polish or ink that may have gotten onto the skin around your nails.

Ta-da. :D

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