How to mustaches shoes

What you`ll need;;

-Shoes (I did flats, but I guess any shoe could work. And it can either be made of the leather like flats usually are OR the soft fabric one, cause i know there are some out there.)

-Paint! (Any color you want your mustache in! AND it had to be acrylic paint (IF you have leather shoes!) or fabric paint (if you have fabric on your shoes. i hear that acrylic works on both but that it needs touch ups.)

-Paint brush (with a thin tip would be great.

-Sharpie (the color of your mustaches) OR pencil(this is to outline your mustaches, and pencil is more forgivable then sharpie.)

-A print out of a mustaches (just google it)



-Lacquer spray
You can get the products you need at either the fabric store (of you have fabric shoes) or an arts and craft store, or sometimes at walmart.

Step 1;;

>Go to google, and find the shape of the mustache you want. Now you need to size it so if can fit the top of your shoe. What i do, I guess the size of how i want it on my shoe, and i copy the image and go to microsoft word and paste it. There i change the size of the mustache until i get the size I think it right, then I print.

Step 2;;

>Once you have your mustache printed out, cut it out. Try to cut it out as best as possible. We will be tracing the mustache on the shoe.

Step 3;;

>Now take some tape, and roll it so you can stick it to the back of the mustache, put about 2 or 3, and stick it on the shoes. This is so it doesn`t move when you are tracing it.

Step 4;;

>Trace the mustache with a sharpie or pencil (if you are using pencil on the leather shoes, it may be hard to see, but if really wanna use pencil then just use a heavier hand so it can show more.) TAKE YOUR TIME doing this, you want a really nice mustache :{D

Step 5;;

>After you have traced it, and it`s right where you want it, remove the printed out mustache. take your paint brush, dip it in some water, and take the paint that is required for your type of shoe. And now you are going to trace in the shape you just created and you are going to fill it in.


Step 6;;

> This is optional, but if you want to make it look like the ones on top, you can see since it`s sewed that it has little dash/ line marks on the mustache, you can do that to. Only take the opposite color of your mustache and LIGHTLY make little dash marks at random (you can use the picture above as reference of where to make them and how long or thick.)

Step 7;;

>Once you are done painting in the mustache and doing all you wanted to do. Spray it with some Lacquer Spray, this will make the acrylic paint last longer, and protect it. Let it dry for about a day to 2 days.

Be aware though, that in a few months you MIGHT have to do some touch ups, if you use them a lot :)

I hope you enjoyed, and going to school with awesome shoes! X{D

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