How to Moisturize, Nourish and rebuild your hair

Hair is a very important issue for women. I must confess that some years ago, I invested a lot in my hair. Ok. Think .. ink .. light and progressive. Senhorrrr! So God in me. So searching and with the help of orkut community, I think I have learned to take better care and have noticed a difference.
Well, I want to share this material I saw on site health and strength ...
Many people like to take care of their hair, but do not always know how to do this properly, invest in expensive products but do not get the expected results. And that is because they lack information.
So we put information that is for all hair types and will help many who are willing to give better care to them and do not know how the treatment process and the steps that constitute it, as well as products to be used.

It will also help people who want to use their products with a total capacity at the right time, thus reaching higher standards

Many people have trouble hitting the correct use of products. Others still do not know what the hair needs products and spend more wrong that end up damaging the hair or not giving the expected result, wasting money.

Here`s what to do to properly treat your hair:
The process of treatment of hair is divided into three stages. So the hair will saúdevel by having all components of its structure regenerated. The treatment is always done in these three steps, which are:

Simple 1.Hidratação (hydration)
Capillary 2.Nutrição (lipid replenishment)
Capillary 3.Reconstrução (replacement protein) never arises protein (Hair Reconstruction) in a dry and dehydrated hair. First you have to hydrate with moisturizing creams and simple aqueous formulation, and then creams rich lipids, or oils and butters, cream, oily consistency and then reconstructive creams, of firmer consistency.

Steps of the treatment of hair

Moisturizing Treatment
Moisturize with massage cream hair simple. Use cheap brands for this type of hydration: Capicilin masks, masks Careliss ("hydration of sugar"), hydrating masks Haskell. Moisturize your hair as the time indicated on the product, avoid silicones in hair all over, not to suffocate the hair, rinse lightly, if you can avoid using the dryer.

Treatment of NutriçãoManteiga Shea and Sunflower Oil is a good thing. Examples of masks and lines for Nutrition: Nutrition Line of the Black Gold of Rigen Amend and Alfaparf. On the market are the most satisfactory results have shown a price considered affordable for some people up.

Treatment Reconstruction CapilarExemplo Lines that can be used for reconstruction. Anti-Aging Skin brand EH Midollo, Alfaparf, Absolut Repair L`Oreal Professional, Kérastase Age Recharge Cream of Bioextratus Keratin, Keratin line of Biscay.

The main thing is that they contain in their formula keratin, collagen, creatine, cystine and several other ingredients that make this treatment.
A special exception for Line Replacement Hair Pasta (RMC) of Amend, who also have exactly the function reconstruction of the hair. There Vermenha line and blue line that marks the Amend the RMC. See what fits your hair and experience. It is highly recommended this product, one of the most satisfying of the market.

Never make a start on reconstruction of hair, without first going through the process of hydration and nutrition, which somehow prepare your hair for a reconstruction done well and with great results.

Each hair reacts to various procedures maneiras.Alguns take months because of the accumulation of damage by chemical and others take several weeks to achieve the expected result.

The processes are continuous and the only difference is that Hair Reconstruction is performed only once a month, very damaged hair may require two times a month, but it is a process carried out once a month and the results are already excellent

And the profitability of the products are excellent for reconstruction, lasting enough then it`s worth investing a little more on them.

Routine for retrieving a capillary month1 ° SemanaHidratação

2 SemanaHidratação

3 SemanaHidratação

4 SemanaHidratação

Interestingly, the treatment is to begin to feel your hair and see what he needs. If you do this in a month and feel that he is well hydrated and nourished and the way you always wanted to you can open gaps in programming to use products specifically for curly.

It is best to always wash one day yes and no, especially for dry, because hot water dries up even further the already damaged hair.

Tips for healthy hair on the day-to-day
Never use hot water, the ideal temperature is warm and cold the last rinse in cold water leaves your hair very bright;
Never hold your wet hair because the wire is more elastic and tends to break;
avoid use and mineral oil and silicones may clog the follicles for hair loss taking apart to form a layer on the wires preventing the entry of moisturizing substances;
From time to start combing the ends and go up to the length of roots and then this prevents us and break the wires;
Wash with anti-residue shampoo once a month preferably before doing a rebuild.
If possible, let it dry naturally avoiding dryers and flat irons;
Where for beach and pool use solar filter for hair;
A scrub the scalp is optimal to periodically remove dead cells and dirt;
If your ends are dry use conditioner to protect and then apply the shampoo;
Never rub the hair as it loses mass of the wire, gently massage the skin in circular motion to stimulate growth. The fulfillment you should straighten up as if on a string without rubbing a wire on the other;
Cutting your hair regularly to remove the damaged part.

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