How To: Matcha Latte!

2 years ago

My latest tea obsession right now is matcha lattes. I was never a really big drinker of matcha because the caffeine levels were quite strong and made me have similar side effects to coffee: increased heart rate, shaky hands, and cold sweats. But with midterm season currently running, caffeine is a must to survive long and tired nights. And surprisingly my body has been more tolerable of the caffeine where sometimes I don`t find it to be strong enough!


-Some matcha powder. The matcha I will be using is from David`s Tea and it is their Matcha Matsu.
-A small whisk. It is recommended that you use a bamboo whisk to break down the small clumps, but since my local David`s Tea store keeps selling out of their bamboo whisk, I decided to use a mini metal whisk instead.
-A mug (preferably a larger one). The mug I am using is also from David`s Tea and it is their Latte Mug.
-Milk (any kind you prefer).
-Honey or sugar.


1. Boil some hot water. Matcha powder generally calls for the water temperature to be 74 degrees Celsius, because if the water is boiling, it will burn the powder and make it taste bitter.

2. Measure out some matcha powder according to the directions on the label. Since I don`t have their matcha spoon, I decided to use a regular teaspoon and measure out the correct amount. Take your measured powder and put it in your cup and add the hot water.

3. Take your whisk and start mixing till your matcha powder dissolves completely or until smooth. Be warned that it is quite difficult to completely break down all the small clumps of matcha without a bamboo whisk.

4. Take your milk and heat it up. Add the milk to your matcha tea. If you would like froth on your latte, you can shake the milk up in a bottle to create froth or use a milk frother if you have one.

5. Once the milk is added, you can now add honey or sugar if you would like. I generally like my lattes to be sweet so I add honey.

6. And lastly you can add the froth if you made some.

7. Enjoy!

Do you like matcha lattes?

*Picture belongs to me and recipe is based on how I make my lattes*

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