How To: Marble nails in 12 easy steps

4 years ago

Step One: Apply a base coat to your nails. This will help the polish adhere to the nails and keep the design lasting longer.

Step two: Take out the colors you want to make the marble effect. Neon colors are always fun and good for the spring / summer.

Step three: Fill a bowl with filtered water. Make sure it`s room temperature.

Step Four: Pick out a bowl you don`t really care about because the polish will ruin the bowl.

Step Five: Choose a polish and take out the wand. Don`t try to remove the polish drop on the tip of the brush. Hold it over the bowl, and the drop will fall in, and quickly move across the water`s surface.

Step Six: Do the same with another polish, and drop the polish in the center of the other polish. Do the same with another polish, and drop the polish in the center of the other polish

Step Seven: Keep alternating until desired levels are achieved.

Step Eight: Taking a toothpick, divide the design in two.

Step Nine: Make as many lines in the design as wanted. You don`t have to have every nail the same design so mix it up!

Step Ten: When done, dip nail into bowl, and take out.

Step Eleven: The design should be printed onto nail.

Step Twelve: Repeat steps for all the other nails.

Tip: If you don`t want polish all over your finger cover it with tape around the nail. If there is any take a cotton swab, dip it in nail varnish remover and clean the polish around the nail! Hope this helps. If you can`t follow along with these steps macbarbie07 on youtube does a cool how-to on her channel!

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