How to makedecor. fondant cupackes :)

Hey there so this is my second tip of the day lol but uhm this is how you DECORATE the cupcakes not make them:) (typo D: ) lol but I am goning to teach you how to decor. the ones with all the cute faces in yellow,pink,and white :)

(to decorate these cupcakes you will need lots of fondant and your pre-made cupcakes :))

O1. FACE CUPCAKES: so for the one on the upper left the pink one take pink colored fondant and make a circle as big as the face of the cupcake (make sure its a flat circle) and then stick it on your cupcake.

O2. then,with white fondant make one flat circle and another one make sure one is bigger than the other :) put them on the cupcake.

O3. then make two little black dots these will be the pupils put those in the insides of the white circles you made.

O4.make a tiny little black striaght line make sure its flat and put it as the mouth on the cupcake :) and theres the confused one that one was the easyest now ima do the hardest one.

O5. the second cupcake in the upper left the white one this one is easy take a black food coloring marker or squeeze a drop of black food coloring on the cupcake for two eyes and make a smile too

O6. then make two small pink cheeks for the blush of her face :) or just plain pink cheeks in general :)and then your done with that one :)

lol that was kinda long that`s the only one I am gonna teach for now maby later for all the other ones :) love,

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