How To Make Your Own Primer!

5 years ago

In this post I will show you how to make your own eye primer at home is super easy!
First, before explaining how to do it, I just wanted to explain what a Primer, what is and what is its importance in the makeup.
1 - What is a primer?
Comparison, is almost a primer as a base, but especially to eyes.
2 - What is a primer?
The primer prepares the skin for makeup, in this case the eye shadows, making them look better and last longer! The primer prevents the oil from your skin comes into contact with make-up and closes the pores.
3 - What is the importance of a primer?
The primer is very important in cosmetic and should not be avoided the use of this step. The primer makes the duration of skin products last longer, without having to need a lot of tinkering later and more important: the cosmetic pigmentation is more intense and vibrant!

1st image: To make the primer must have three things: foundation, moisturizer and a container (to keep the primer)
2nd image: First thing to do is add a little moisturizer on the container.
3rd image: The second thing to do is add the foundation.
4th image: Now, just need to mix them until a homogeneous mixture. That`s it!
5th image: We can see that the primer has made all the difference. I applied a black shadow on my arm without primer, and then applied primer. You can see that the primer became more vivid shade and pigmentation is seen more and became more alive!

A recommendation: many people think that using the primer makes no difference and think it`s just another thing to spend money without seeing any difference. But can see in the 5th image difference!

I hope you enjoyed that experience and make your own primer!

[All the images are mine, please do not take them]*

Warning: The primer lasts about 6 months!

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