How To Make Your Own Bath Bombs Just Like LUSH Butterball Bath Bombs One Step At A Time.

6 years ago

Do you LOVE high-end bath and beauty products? Do you HATE the high-end prices? Learn to make your own and have higher quality products for way less money! This will walk you through making fizzing bath bombs like the LUSH Butterball bath bombs.

Things You Need:
1 cup citric acid
2 cups baking soda
¼ cup grated cocoa butter
Note: I put mine in a mini-chopper that I picked up to use only for this. It handles the job quickly and easily.
¼ tsp. fragrance oil
A pan or bowl for mixing Note: I mix my bath bombs in a rectangular pan instead of a bowl. This makes it easier to mist the dry ingredients and get them evenly moist.
A small spray bottle filled with witch hazel

1) Mix everything together except for the citric acid. We don`t want to add the citric acid until the fragrance oil is blended into the rest of the ingredients very well, or it may cause the citric acid to start fizzing. Mix until you have a consistent texture. You will have small lumps due to the grated cocoa butter but you should not have any large clumps. You can use a small whisk to blend the ingredients or you can use your hands as I do. Make sure they`re clean first, LOL.

2) When the first batch of ingredients is well mixed, add the citric acid, and blend it in.

3) When it`s all blended together well, spread it out across your pan and LIGHTLY mist with the witch hazel. USE LESS THAN YOU THINK YOU NEED! This is the most critical step. If you get it too wet, then your mixture will fizz prematurely in the pan instead of later in your bath tub! Add only enough moisture to make the mixture hold together when squeezed in your hand. Working quickly, lightly mist the dry ingredients, working the mixture continuously. Continue until the mixture is just wet enough to stick together when squeezed. If it`s not sticking together and falling apart, mist LIGHTLY, and mix again. It will look and behave sort of like snow. When snow is loose, it is powdery but when you pack it to make a snowball, it sticks together.

4) Scoop some of the mixture into your hand and make a fist.

5) If it sticks together without being too wet, you`re good!

6) Now it`s time to mold it. Move quickly so the mixture doesn`t dry out. If you want to mold it into a ball like LUSH does, you have a couple of options. You can buy a tool called a SNO-Baller which I have and I love, or you can go to your local craft store and look for the clear round plastic ornaments that they sell around Christmas time and use those. They usually come in several different sizes. You can use whichever size you prefer. If you`re making round bombs you have to really pack the mixture in to each half and then add a little extra on top when already packed well and squeeze the two halves together. Let sit for a few minutes and then gently twist the ornament apart. If the two halves don`t stick together, you probably didn`t pack enough extra between the two pieces.

7) When the bombs are unmolded, place them in individual cellophane bags sized appropriately for the shape of the bomb and close tightly with a twist tie. You can add a ribbon for a decorative effect.

8) The last step is to run a hot bath, dropping bomb into the tub as it is filling.
Finally, luxuriate in your skin softening, fragrant bath knowing that you are enjoying it at a fraction of the cost that you`d pay if you purchased a similar bath bomb.
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