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I don`t know about you guys, but I feel like my nails are chipping after just a day or two even with a top coat! I use Seche Vite and I love it but I just couldn`t understand why my nails would start chipping and why the whole nail polish on the nail would just peel off-I was just really confused. I researched some ways to help your nail polish last longer and I am so going to try these and I thought that maybe some of you were going through the same issues and we could help each other out.
1. This is not for making your nail polish lasting longer but to help prevent your nails from becoming yellow. Make sure to use a basecoat so that the nail polish doesn`t stain your nails. Also you can put your fingers in lemon or vinegar to get rid of or prevent yellowness.

2. Also when you remove all the previous nail polish you can try putting your fingers under cold or lukewarm water so that your nail polish is applied on a completely dry and clean surface, which means that it will adhere to the nail better and not chip or peel so fast.

3. Another tip is that apply your nail polish is thin coats and wait for it to completely dry before putting on another layer. Even though it might take taker, the nail polish will not be clumpy or thick so it won`t peel off or smudge and it will stick to your nail better.

4. Also, make sure to apply a top coat. A top coat helps it be shiny and last longer, because when the nail polish does start to chip and come off the top coat will chip first since its on top, so you still have at least a day before the actual nail polish starts to come off

5. Once you have applied the top and it is dry run your hands under cold water so that the nail polish sticks to the nail bed and it lasts longer!

6. Another thing that I like to do to make the the tips last longer is apply the nail polish on the side or horizontally- so on the tips so that the tips won`t chip and fade as quickly.

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