How to make you own Custom palette - Depotting All of the Things!!!

7 months ago

Hey luuuxers!

I recently decided that I wanted to depot some of my single eyeshadows to make them easier to access and use.

However, I didn`t have a palette to put them all in! I`m not ready to spend money on a Z palette since they are just cardboard and a sheet of magnet. I think they are way too expensive for what they are!

I decided that I would try to make my own instead. I had this clear plastic case (it was for a phone accessory my brother had purchased) that would be perfect, so all I needed was a magnet sheet and I knew I could get that at the dollar store! I was actually able to find large sheet for just a buck.

When I was in the dollar store, I also noticed this plain wooden box with a clear top. This also looked like a great choice for a palette. The clear case I have at home would be great for travelling, but I know it would be too small to hold all my shadows. This wooden box wouldn`t be the greatest choice for travelling but great to hold a larger amount of shadows.

So I ended up picking up another magnet sheet - 1 was just enough to cover the bottom of the wooden box and a second to make the initial palette I had planned with the clear case.

I also wanted to get some labels so I could keep track of the name and brand each of the depotted shadows. Since I knew I would be moving the shadows between palettes and that the shadow could get mixed up, I knew it would be best to label the shadows themselves.

All in all, I paid 2 dollars for the magnet sheets, a dollar for the labels and 2 dollars for the box. The rest of the items I needed I already had at home!

I had some paints already, and I decided to paint the wooden box teal. I could have used it plain, but since I had the paint and brushes, I figured it would give it some extra pizazz. I gave it two coats and let it dry completely. After that, all I needed to do was attached the magnet sheet. It already featured a sticker backing so that was super easy as well: just peeled it off and stuck it to the bottom! And there was my own custom palette!

For the clear case I had, I needed to cut the magnet sheet to size. I just traced the case and ended up shaving the sides a little smaller to fit and again, I was done! Very simple!

It just goes to show - as long as you can find an appropriate container, you can easily make your own palette!

The biggest task was depotting all the shadows! Some were much easier than others. I had a few that were not glued but rather were magnetic themselves. Those popped right out. A few other were glued in, but have a small pinhole that allows you to push the pan out! Often times, they are hidden below the label on the bottom, but if you peel it away you can see it. But the toughest ones were the ones that required me to pry them out.

There are lots of tutorials on YouTube you can watch to help you get the toughest pots out, but even with that, I did end up gouging a big chunk of one eyeshadow, and basically destroying another since the pan warped as I was prying it out, and the shadow cracked and partly fell out... (I will do a post on my attempt to save it later).

Basically, the method I used required carefully heating the bottom of the package over a flame to help loosen the glue and use something sharp to get in between the packaging and the pan. It worked well most of the time, except the two examples I gave before lol

I used a candle for the flame and my trusty craft knife to pry the pans out. I did opt to use a set of pliers to hold the packaging to avoid burning myself as well!

But once you do get the pans out, most of them are metal anyways so all I did was attach the label with the corresponding shadow name and brand and pop it right into the palette! Since the pans are metal, they attach to the magnet.

I only had one shadow that once depotted didn`t feature a metal pan, but rather a plastic disc instead (that one was from Victoria`s Secret, so FYI not a good candidate for depotting). I ended up popping it back to it`s original packaging, but it is now loose. I`m hoping to figure out a way to either fix it, or transfer to a metal pan that I can add to the palette.

All in all, this was actually a really fun activity - I can see why depotting can become addictive! And it can help organize and declutter your make-up collection as well...
With the packaging, I couldn`t even get all the shadows to lie flat in the large box. But depotted, I had room for so many more!

Have you ever depotted any make-up? Do you have a Zpalette or have you ever attempted making your own?


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