How to make Tutu skirt.

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Tulle I used about 10 yards of tulle, sold by the yard. You could get rolls of 4 or 6 tulle, but I couldnt find any I bought 5 yards white, 3 yards purple, and 3 yards yellow, but if I was starting over, Id just do half purple and half yellow. The white diluted my colors more than I would have liked.
A length of my hips ,elastic or ribbon
Spools of matching grosgrain ribbon.

1.Cut the tulle into strips that are 4 to 6 inches wide and twice the finished skirt length. I made my tutu 40 long, so my strips needed to be 4 by 36 wide . I had more strips than I thought Id ever need. Thats just about the right number.
2.If youre using elastic, overlap the ends and sew. I couldnt use my sewing machine, so I did it by hand. I would have preferred my machine. No matter.
3,Grab 3 pieces of tulle and stack it nicely.
4,Fold it in half. Loop the center point under your waistband
,then pull the ends down over the waistband and tuck them into the loop. Pull the ends so that the top makes a loose knot.
5.If you pull the knot too tight, it will curl and stretch the elastic, be difficult to work with, and need to be loosened later. Im just saying.
6.Repeat that process another thirty or thirty-five times. I started out with a pattern, but I abandoned it in favor of whatever looked nice. I ended up with 38 knots, and my tutu is sufficiently fluffy.
7.If youre going to use ribbons, you can tie them over top of the tulle in the same way. Alternately, you can tie them in shoelace-type knots over top of the tulle. Either way would look nice and leave long tails hanging down in the tulle.
8.Thats it. Your tutu is finished.

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