How To Make The BEST Fudge!

2 years ago

This is a recipe my Mom has always used and, just last week, when I wanted to bring a bunch of little goodies in to work, I decided to make the fudge I remember my Mom always making :) It`s incredibly simple and simply delicious!!

-14oz condensed milk (NOT evaporated!)
-16oz chocolate chips (one bag)
-4 tbsp butter (half a stick)

The Directions

1. Gather Ingredients
This recipe is so easy, it only takes three simple ingredients to make! As a note, however, this is an oldddd recipe, back when chocolate chips used to come in 16oz bags. Now, they generally come in 11.5 ounce bags. I went ahead and used just the 11.5 ounces and the fudge turned out absolutely fine - just as I remember! :) Check picture number two to see my ingredients!

2. Heat Ingredients and Melt Together
In a medium-sized pot on the stove, melt together all three ingredients. I started with the condensed milk, then added the chocolate chips and made sure they were all melted before I added the butter (see picture three). Normally, you would never melt chocolate directly on the stove top (you should always use a double-burner!) but in this case, adding the condensed milk first helps prevent the chocolate from burning or getting solidified to the bottom of the pot.

3. Pour Into Pan and Cool
When all three ingredients are fully-mixed, it`s time to transfer the warm fudge to a pan to cool! When all the fudge is poured, bang the pan lightly to bring up any air bubbles. Then, let it sit in the fridge for AT LEAST two hours. (See picture number four!)

5. Cut and Serve
When your fudge is nice and cooled, it`s time to slice it into pieces! I made traditional brownie-sized cuts first to gauge the sizing, then I made the pieces smaller (see picture number five). Mine ended up being about 1/2`x1` which was perfect for bite-size pieces. This fudge does like to get `melty` if you sit it out too long, so don`t let it sit out and wait to cut it, cut it while it`s still cold (preferably with a chilled knife, even). After you cut it, serve it right away or else keep it stored in the fridge. It is fine at room temperature, but easier to handle when a little cooled.

Enjoy!! :)

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