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4 years ago

OMG! I love this idea!

I`ve used shrink plastic before at work. It`s amazing stuff! You take these sheets of this special plastic ... cut it, color it and put it in the oven. The plastic bends and twists ... and just when you think the whole thing is garbage ... it flattens out and becomes perfectly shrunk.

The problem is that I think it`s expensive stuff. At least for me it is.

Well, I just found the perfect solution! DIY recycled shrink plastic!

You look for #6 plastic ... look on the plastic package, look for the recycle symbol (three trianges that form a triangle). In the centre of the triangle, there`s a number. If you see 6, you`re in luck.

I tried it! It really works! You cut out the shape you want, color it with permanent marker and put it in the oven. The recycled stuff shrinks about one third of the original piece and it doesn`t twist and curl as much, but the end result is really, really cool!

You can make jewelery, keychains, name tags, fridge magnets, and so much more! Call the kids ...

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