How to Make Pho Broth?

Every time my family and I visit my sister, my mom makes her favorite meal which is pho! My mom makes her special pho from scratch and it`s really healthy and delicious. My mom explained to my sister her recipe but since I was at home, my mom asked me to take photos of the steps to make the pho broth.

Top Left Photo: You will need white onions (sliced in half), ginger (sliced) and an entire glove of garlic and toast in the toaster. Next cut daikon in half for the next step.

Top Middle Photo: Turn on the heat high in a large pot when boiling, add the white onions, ginger, garlic, daikon pieces and add your whole chicken pieces (My mom cleaned the chicken previously).

Top Right Photo: Watch your pot and always scoop up the bubbles/skim fat.

Middle Left: Use a large spoon and scoop up the bubbles

Middle Right: Toast star anise until toaster gets steamy

Bottom Photo: Once the star anises are steamy (hot) from the toaster, put it in your pot - the star anises should sizzle. If it sizzles then you`re cooking the broth correctly.

Then you will add salt, fish sauce and dash of sugar.

All ingredients my mom used were eye balled so I don`t know the exact measurements but this is a visual on how my mom made pho ~ it took 1.5 half.

Afterwards, your pot of broth is ready for pho! You`ll need your noodles and toppings!

I found a good recipe that resembles my moms cooking:

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