How to make nails grow quicker

4 years ago

Hey guys. Nails only grow about 3 millimeters every month which is really slow if you want your nails to be long and healthy. Nails do grow quicker throughout summer than throughout winter but waiting for warm weather would take too long so here are a few simple steps that can speed up the process:

.S s They will not have a chance to grow if you keep biting them, so restrain yourself. There are drug store products that you can apply to your nails to prevent biting if you cannot stop.

. G s Exposure to sunlight will cause your body to produce vitamin D which is fundamental for nail growth.

. R s s ғғ ғ This will help harden your natural nail and likely prevent you from biting them.

.R s s The oil will moisturize your nail and promote growth. For best results, rub the oil on before sleeping and leave on overnight

.S Nails grow faster in hot climates. If its cold outside, be sure to wear gloves and keep your hands warm at all times to increase blood flow to your fingernails and stimulate growth.

.D The vitamin D in milk will strengthen your nails and promote growth.

. C s Make sure you consume a sensible number of calories every day, and modify your diet to include protein-rich foods like lean meats, chicken, eggs, low-fat cheese, and soybeans

. G s Good hand and nail hygiene and maintenance improves the health of your nails and will keep them growing strong.

Thanks for reading and I hope these steps were helpfull. Remember that a proper diet and some special attention to your hands is enough to make your fingernails grow faster.

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