How to make honey green tea bubble tea

5 years ago

In the summer my favorite drink is bubble tea. I tend to go to the local bubble tea house 3-4 times a week; thus, buying bubble tea can get a bit expensive for me. Hence, I am going to teach you how to make homemade honey green tea bubble tea. The ingredients you will need are as follows:
1. 1-2 table spoons of honey (depending on your taste)
2. 1 green tea tea bag
3. 1 cup of ice
4. ¾ cup of boiling water
The tools needed are as follows:
1.cocktail shaker (or a blender)
2.a cup
In a cup put ¾ cup of boiling water and the green tea tea bag. Let the tea bag soak in the boiling water for 5 min; just to mention the longer you soak the tea bag the more flavour will secrete out of the tea bag (if you are in a hurry and want to drink your bubble tea right away just squeeze the tea bag to the desired amount of green tea flavour you want). After the tea bag is finished soaking the water, take out the tea bag and put in the 1-2 table spoons of honey in the cup of boiling green tea water. Then put 1 cup of ice in a cocktail shaker, or a blender, and the contents in the cup you just prepared. Shake or blend the contents until everything get mingled together (about 15 seconds). Then volaaaa you have honey green tea bubble tea ready to serve and enjoy. Trying making this at home and tell me what is your favorite bubble tea flavour?

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