How to make healthy meals at low prices?

There is often a misconception that to make a healthy meal is necessary to spend much money - today it is not the case. Want to live a tighter financial situation, or just want to save on grocery bills, it has to be reflected at the table, either in body or taste.

Operation supermarket. The foundation of a healthy meal plan and economic begins in the supermarket or better begins with a pre-prepared list which contains only the necessary items for that week or month. If you want to go even further in advance to plan different meals for a more precise list. Once in the supermarket (it is better to shop after a good meal), rather than being attentive to the goodies, concentrate on the list and analysis of prices to take advantage of any promotions. Learn how to shop healthier and cheaper.

Basic list. In your pantry and refrigerator should not miss the following ingredients economic, so they can create, around the same, different and healthy meals: tuna in water, pasta and brown rice, couscous, risotto, canned goods (tomatoes, beans, asparagus, artichokes , lentils, mushrooms, corn, peas ...), oatmeal, tortillas, pita bread, tofu, lean dairy, nuts, dried fruits, fish (fresh or frozen) and lean meat (chicken and turkey), etc.. Discover also other healthy foods and food base with this just add vegetables to quickly confeccionarem chicken strips sautéed with vegetables and accompanied by rice, for example. The combinations are many and tasty!

Fruit and vegetables. We all know the importance of fruit and vegetables in a healthy diet, not to mention the recommended daily ... all this can become expensive, unless you are limited to purchase fruits and vegetables exclusively within its time of production . The season of mangoes is in March / April, which means that if you buy them in September, for example, will pay a much higher price. Moreover, trying to purchase locally, ie can be directly by the producer. The frozen vegetables are also another great option since they are inexpensive, have the same nutrients as fresh and last longer without spoiling.

Home production. There is nothing more delicious than healthy and produce your own vegetables and herbs. Whether you have a lot of space or just a few pots on a balcony, a garden home is a source of health and prosperity. The same applies to products produced by your parents or friends who generously offer you homemade fruit or vegetable. If you are afraid that something is damaged, take time to wash and cut the vegetables for freezing for future use, make a big pot of soup that can also be frozen in individual portions or try to make a compote that yields various and delicious flasks.

Intelligent substitutions. There are various cooking ingredients that can be easily replaced by other products - cheaper and better for our body. Salt is a good example: the truth is that our bodies do not require large amounts of salt (which incidentally are very harmful) and this can simply be replaced by herbs ... if they are from your garden, the better. Another example is the eggs necessary for certain formulas that can be exchanged for spoonfuls of soybean meal, thus lowering cholesterol levels and out of the cash desk, as a package of flour lasts a long time. Yet when it comes to making cakes, muffins and other goodies, substituting vegetable oil for applesauce (even better if it is homemade!) Will make its most wholesome candy, without losing touch of flavor. In hours of grilling steaks, avoid soaking the pan with butter, olive oil or - if they have a good grill, do not need to add any flavoring and will enjoy in the same, a tasty grilled meat.

Invest in the kitchen. The thought certainly in the hectic days and economically difficult that many people currently live, there has been not only a proliferation of books and websites dedicated to teaching us how to eat healthily, but also how to save this slice of the monthly budget that can be quite heavy. Enjoy all the information that exists in this respect and learn to cook well, quickly, so varied, healthy and economical.

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