How To Make Healthy Crispy Kale Chips!

Have you ever wanted something crispy and just tasty to munch on but felt guilty if you shoved your hand down a bag of Doritos? Well, Kale chips are something that taste great, are easy to make, and won`t go straight to your thighs! Kale has so much nutrition and vitamins for you! It`s low in calories, zero fat, high in fiber and iron, high in vitamins, K, A, and C, powerful antioxidants, and a wonderful detox! There`s so many health benefits with kale and this is one way to make it just what you crave and feel GREAT! Follow this step by step and you`ll have delicious munch` n crunch snacks in a couple minutes!

Kale Stems,
Olive Oil,
Salt & Pepper,

Lemon Juice,
Garlic Powder,
Chipotle Pepper,

Now for the recipe and cooking instructions!
First you start off preheating the oven to about 175, then you take off the leafs from the stems and put them into a bowl, add the olive oil and seasoning and then just start tossing it around with your fingers to make sure all of the leafs are coated in olive oil and flavors!

Second, you put all the leafs on baking sheets with the curly side down for extra crunch, afterwards you put the sheet in the oven for about 10 minutes and rotate the sheet after the 10 minutes are up and then keep them in for another 10 minutes or so!

After the 10 minutes are up, your kale chips are finally done and now you can start snackin`! Enjoy!

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