How to make chocolate saucedip - the easy way!

5 years ago

Today I will share with you an easy recipe to make chocolate sauce that can be used as a cake topping or as a dipping sauce. You can even pour it over your pancakes!
This very easy! Here are the steps:
1. Pour some cream (I don`t know if soy cream works, but any other type of cream should get the job done) into a pot. You can use as much as you need.
2. Let the cream boil.
Now, you can do each one of these things, depending on your personal preferences ( and keep tasting the sauce to see if it`s good):
1. Add Nesquik or a similar product and stir.
2. Add white chocolate or milk chocolate (let it melt and stir).
3. Add cocoa powder or dark chocolate, let it melt and stir. You`ll need to add sugar afterwards, or it`ll taste bitter.

And you`re done! That was easy, right?

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