How To Make Amazing Fruit Salad!

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Whenever there`s a pot luck event, I like to make my famous fruit salad. I`ve had people come up to me and ask me what I do to the salad, but the secret is to just buy good fruit! Here, I`ll explain how I prepare the salad and what fruit I use in it.

The Ingredients
(I sometimes add in blueberries, too!)
See pic number 2!


1. Wash The Fruit
This is a super important step, but one that many people mindlessly forget. Wash everything if the outside of it is going to be consumed (namely, grapes and berries). The fruit has been sitting outside and in a grocery store surrounded by other people and... things... so washing it is important!

2. Determine How Much To Use
I tend to add in my berries first to get a `base` for the salad - to see how much I`m working with. I added the grapes and blackberries first to this particular salad (see pic 3!). Because the berries tend to be the more expensive fruit, using them as a base for the salad first helps determine how much of the other fruit to add.

3. Cut Up Into Bite-Size Pieces
Making sure the size of the fruit is right is crucial for a good salad. Too small and they become mushy. Too big and they`re inconvenient to eat. Berries are generally the perfect size to begin with (strawberries do sometimes have to be cut up) but larger fruits like pineapple require special attention. I cut bigger fruits into quarters and then cut them into cube-like pieces (they end up almost like half trapezoids actually, haha). Take a look at my fourth picture to see how I cut my pineapple! In the fifth picture in the cantaloupe. I actually only used half the cantaloupe because it made quite a lot!

4. Add Fruit One At A Time
Fruit salads tend to look incredibly small at first, but don`t let it deceive you. They grow quite big the more fruit you add to them! Adding them one at a time lets you see what you have. Variety is key!

5. Mix Together
When all your fruit is in place, mix it up! It should look bright and colorful :) I don`t get too fancy with my salad, but some people do make designs. I like to keep it mixed up and appetizing!

6. Serve It and Eat!
The serving utensil is actually quite important, because you don`t want anything that will tear or bruise the fruit as you serve it. I prefer fruit salad tongs or a large plastic spoon that doesn`t have raised edges on it. Once you serve, eat it and enjoy it! :)

For best results, use local and fresh fruit!

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