How To Make A Real Flower Headband!

3 years ago

Flower headbands are the perfect touch to an outfit sometimes... especially now that summer music festivals are approaching! Here, I`ll show you how to make one out of real flowers that you can find and pick yourself! :)

What You Need
-Flowers with a stem of at least two inches


1. Choose & Pick Your Flowers
I tend to use whatever flowers are available to me outside. In many cases, this means picking whatever I find when I go hiking. Be sure to pick a flower that isn`t too small, otherwise it won`t show up too well in your headband.

2. String The Flowers Together
This is probably the hardest part. Every time you pick a new flower, string it to the ones you already have (see picture 2). This means holding the first flower you pick by the stem so the flower part hangs downward. Then, with your fingernail, carefully slice a hole in the stem about an inch and a half up from the flower. Don`t break the stem! Just create a slit in it. Then, slide your next flower`s stem through the hole and do the same for that stem. Keep adding flowers this way!

3. Check The Length
As you`re adding flowers to your flower chain now, check the length once it starts to get a bit longer (see picture 3). You want enough flowers so that you can connect the headband and have it sit comfortably on your head. If it`s too small, it`ll slide off your head. If it`s too big, it won`t sit right. So keep checking!

4. Tie It Together
When you have the correct length for your flower headband, you`ll need to tie the last stem to the first flower to join them together. This can be done a couple ways: you can either use a blade of grass as a string and knot them to one another, or you can wrap the last stem around the first flower and tie it. I recommend the blade of grass because it gives you some room in case you mess up or break the stem.

5. Wear With Pride!
Congrats! You now have a real flower headband! Place that baby on your head and rock it! I always love to make these whenever I`m somewhere outside :) They`re cute and colorful! (Just make sure you always check for bugs!) Enjoy!

Let me know if you`ve ever made a real flower headband before!

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