How to Make A Killer Gin and Tonic!

2 years ago

One of my favorite drinks to make is a gin and tonic. It`s smooth and super refreshing! Perfect for the summertime :) They`re easy to make, too!

-Tonic water
-Lime or lime juice


1. Put Ice and Gin Into Cup
I like my drinks cold, so I always put a good amount of ice in them. I fill my glass about 1/3 - 1/2 with ice. Then, I pour about 2 ounces or so (depending on the size of the glass and the amount of ice) into the glass. It`s important to put the gin in before the tonic! My second picture shows how much gin I put in.

2. Add The Tonic
It`s important to stress that it is tonic water and NOT club or seltzer water - this is a BIG difference! The tonic balances out the dryness of the gin. I put in enough to almost fill the glass.

3. Top It With Lime
The secret to a perfect gin and tonic? It`s got to have lime! I always keep a bottle of lime juice around in case I run out of real lime and it works just as well. You can quarter a lime and squeeze it into the drink or just pour some lime juice in. It keeps the drink tasting refreshing and smooth.

4. Enjoy!
Congrats! You`ve just made an awesome drink! Now go take it outside and enjoy the weather :)

Let me know what your favorite drink to make is!

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