How To Make A Guy Fall Madly in Love with You

2 years ago

1. Be yourself.
This is in fact a very cliche line but nonetheless very true. Don`t try to act to over the top or tone yourself down in other to attract someone. Chances are that you won`t be able to be keep up that perfect image throughout the relationship and when the real you comes out he may not recognize you at all. Show your flaws and if he chooses to stick around he will have to learn to accept them and maybe even come to love them.
2. Compliment Him
Girls face it whenever you are looking cute someone is sure to let you know (friends, mom, guys) but guys on the other hand rarely get the `Wow I love how that shirt hugs your biceps;)`. So whenever you see him wearing something you like compliment him on it and by doing this you can also help him out if he lacks fashion sense.
PS. there is nothing better than looking at a man`s reaction after giving him a compliment. Look out for blushing or a shy smile.
3. Appreciate Him
The most important words in any relationship are `please` and `thank you`. Just because you are in a relationship doesn`t mean that the other person is obliged to do what you tell them to. Be sure to ask for help nicely as well as thanking him for helping you. Tell him you loved his efforts for preparing you dinner (even if wasn`t that good), after all is the thought that counts.
4. Tell him you love him (also things you love about him)
If you are shy or afraid to tell someone you love them then just make sure that you express that feeling in other ways. Kiss him goodbye, tell him you trust him or compliment some of those qualities that other people don`t know about.

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