How To Make A Delicious Summer Salad!

2 years ago

Summer is the perfect time to incorporate delicious fruits into your salads! I`m a salad lover through-and-through, but I tend to prefer them in the summertime when the ingredients are fresh and bright. Keep reading to find out how I make my own delicious summer salad with fresh fruits!

-Baby spinach
-Sliced almonds
-Balsamic glaze/dressing

1. Prepare Baby Spinach
I choose baby spinach over lettuce because it has a nicer flavor and also more nutritional value. If you buy it not washed, make sure to wash it and dry with a paper towel. If you buy it pre-washed, make sure to pat it down before plating it to get rid of any excess moisture. (See picture 2)

2. Wash and Cut Fruit
Never put fruit directly from the store straight into your mouth - rinse it off! :) I wash my strawberries and blueberries in a colander right in my sink and wash them off with cold water (see picture 3). Make sure to pat them dry before plating them! If you`re strawberries are on the medium-larger side, you might want to cut them into more bite-size pieces to put on top of the spinach. (See picture 4)

3. Add Your Almonds!
I love to add almonds for their nice crunch and nutritional value. While at Trader Joes, I came across these honey roasted sliced almonds and decided to give them a try. (See picture 5) They`re wonderful! Sprinkle some on top of your salad - but make sure they`re sliced or crushed! Whole almonds are generally tougher to eat in salads.

4. Use Balsamic or Dressing Of Choice
I personally like balsamic glazes on my summery salads, although truly any dressing you prefer will do. I ended up mixing a little balsamic with some rasperberry vinaigrette (to keep with the fruit flavors) and it was wonderful! (See picture 6) Remember to add dressing in moderation, though, and don`t drown the rest of the flavors! :)

My summer salad was absolutely delicious and is now one of my staple dishes. It`s quick, easy, and super yummy! Tell me what your favorite summery dishes are! :)

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