How to make a classic french braid

4 years ago

How make a french braid.

First take a comb or brush, depending on how you prefer to put your hair up. Brush your hair and than either brush your hair back but only having half a ponytail but do not put it up or just take sides to make half a ponytail.

Tip : For people who have thin/fine hair use a bit of styling product like gel to make it easier to grab hair or do hair while wet after showering.

Next step is to take your half a ponytail and divide into 3 sections with your fingers, make sure they are equal parts.

What I usually do is take my parts and use my right hand to take right part to separate, than my left thumb and index finger(which is next finger after thumb in case some people didn`t know) for middle and the rest of left hand finger for left.

Next you take your left part and put it over the middle. Make sure you pull the left part when putting over middle. Now put the right side and put it over the middle, also make sure it`s pulled. The objective is to have strands tight to have your hair stay in.

Next part is a bit harder. Take your section your left but take a bit of hair and add it your left and put over the middle. Than take your right side and take a bit of hair of the middle. Keep going back and forth.

Last step is to braid the rest to once you hit bottom of which you would normally would put an elastic or you can stop your french braid at the part put an elastic.

I hope it helps. There is also youtube videos that may be help ful by other people if you search for links.

Note the picture is an example of the hair style and I don`t claim it is mine. The image is a picture of Amanda Seyfried. Thank you.

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