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disclaimer: i really dont recommend mastering the art of the all-nighter. in the event that you find yourself drinking one too many coffees in an effort to stay awake and be productive (and wondering how horrifically bad you will look in the morning), here are some ways to deceive the world that you havent had every ounce of energy sucked out of you.

i dont know if i should be proud or concerned (maybe both?) that trying to look like a real human being after an all-nighter has inevitably become a regular part of my morning routine. between working two jobs, graduating a year early, applying to graduate school, taking 19 credits (what was i thinking?) and writing a thesis, sleep is not always an option for me. on the nights where i manage to go to bed when most people are waking up to start the day, these little steps go a long way:

1. first of all, dont go to bed without washing your face. i know youre probably wiped by the time you finish, but dont sleep with all your makeup on. once i start feeling the slightest bit tired, i get ready for bed early knowing that by the time i finish i will just want to crash. a really great moisturizer at night will help you out the next morning.

2. if you have the chance, try to squeeze in a nap for an hour or two. if youre cramming for something, its better to lose an hour or two of studying and let the information youve covered soak in while you nap. you will also be less disoriented the next morning. when i wake up, i follow my normal morning routine of washing my face and make sure to apply a light moisturizer and brightening cream to give my face a much needed boost. i know people always talk about de-puffing tricks (tea bags, frozen spoons, cucumbers) but i honestly dont have the time for that in the morning. of course, if you happen to have enough time i definitely recommend using tea bags. if youre feeling ambitious, you could also make green tea ice cubes in advance and run them lightly over your eye area.

3. the trick here is to use less makeup than you think you might need. if you cake it on, it will just make matters worse. apply a layer of light foundation/tinted moisturizer. then use a light-reflecting concealer/brightening product under your eyes and over your lids. the idea is to lift and brighten the eye area, where you tend to show the most fatigue.

4. stick to light, neutral eyeshadows - just something to cover the lid and hide discoloration. i like using creams and light champagnes to lighten/brighten. then use a nude eye pencil to line your waterline. this is important! it will make your eyes pop and appear whiter overall. if you have time and arent too exhausted, winged eyeliner usually helps me look more awake. most morning im just so tired and running late that i just smudge a little black liner under the eye in order to define them.

5. curl your lashes. this will open up the eye area and also make you look less tired. apply a coat or two of mascara - keep it natural and feathery. you dont want to look overdone.

6. blush is your best friend. i find that bronzers when im tired and my skin isnt at its best look ruddy and not that flattering. i just focus on applying a nice pink/coral blush to my cheeks and sweep it up towards the temple. this is perhaps the most important part of looking awake. seriously, if you dont have any time for anything else, just apply a light pink/coral blush and some eyeliner and call it a day.

p.s. : if youre wondering how to boost your energy once you wake up, try eating something that will give you a boost, like honey. play some upbeat music or even take a whiff of an invigorating scent to get your energy going for the day. a brisk walk on the way to wherever youre going (running late to class, in my case) is also a good trick.

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