How To Look and Feel Good At The Gym!

2 years ago

When it comes to being motivated to head to the gym, a lot of the time I`ll find myself more willing to go once I`m actually dressed. It`s probably an inner-monologue kind of thing, but once I have put on my gym gear, I always feel a little push to actually start heading over to the gym. So here`s how you can dress not only to impress, but to feel self-motivated!

Begin with a killer pair of shoes.
A great start to the gym begins with a great pair of shoes. I used to use just regular, old, cheap sneakers but not only were they not the greatest for my feet, they did noting to really inspire me. I bought a brand new pair of bright and colorful Asics, though, and have found that it really makes a difference in my gym outfit and in my own personal motivation. So grab yourself an awesome pair of running or workout shoes to add to your outfit!

Feel cute and comfortable.
I used to truly believe that gym clothes constituted old t-shirts and Nike or Adidas athletic shorts. End of story, done. WRONG. I`ve since found that cute workout leggings (paired with my new shoes, of course!) really makes me feel better, because I like the way they look better. If you feel cute AND comfy rather than JUST comfy, it`s almost like a personal little motivator to go harder while your workout.

Learn that sweat looks good.
And finally, realize sooner rather than later that even with awesome shoes and cute clothes, knowing that it`s okay to look poured over with sweat will really help you feel better at the gym. I used to hate the idea of looking drenched in sweat, clothes stained darker and my face beat red. Now, I`ve learned that it`s part of the package of looking good while at the gym - and it makes me feel good! Rock that sweaty look because it means you`re doing good things! :)

How else do you prepare yourself to look and feel good at the gym?

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