How To Know When Your Makeup is EXPIRED!

I was recently browsing BeautyHigh and found this GREAT article on how to tell when your makeup is expired and of course, had to share it with you guys! Below are a few key points I got from the article but if you`d like to read the article in it`s entirety, it is available in the source link. Otherwise, here are the points that I thought were especially helpful! Have fun!

Lip Products:
When it starts smelling like an old crayon, it`s time to get some new lipstick! Also, if it feels dry, it`s probably best to replace it. If you want to try to revive it, place it in the fridge and see if that helps.

Layer separation or orange coloration are indications that your foundation is due for replacement.

If it takes more applications than usual to get the same effect on your lashes, it`s likely your mascara has dried up and you should replace it.

Nail Polish:
If it comes out in globs and is hard to apply to your nails, time to get some new polishes!

I found these tips to be pretty helpful and hope you thought so too! Good luck!

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