How To Keep Your Skin Smooth and Clean?

3 years ago

Keeping the skin clean and always well hydrated is not only a symbol of hygiene but also a symbol of care and ensuring good health of the epidermis. To do so in an appropriate manner and not wrong but you must understand what ingredients are best suited to this or that kind of skin, very different from person to person. In the guide there are some simple tips to keep in mind and to be performed daily.

What makes the skin healthy, nourished and hydrated is not only linked to the cleaning surface thereof, or the excessive use of detergents and the like that can, unlike damage resulting in the completely opposite result. So here we go: if you usually apply make-up, you never make the mistake of going to sleep without having previously removed all traces with the use of special detergent water and tonic. For this operation you need good quality cotton wool that will ensure a more thorough cleaning. But it is not enough. Each person is characterized by a type of skin more or less oily or dry, it is therefore advisable to purchase a specific product.

A guy too fat for an oily skin damage would only get a null result, the same situation is true for the opposite. If you live in the city, cleaning the skin needs to be more thorough since the smog and atmospheric agents particularly polluted can cause clogging of the pores that do not allow the skin to breathe. In this case it is highly recommended a facial sauna. Simply filling a pot of water and bringing to the boiling temperature. Pour hot into a casserole low and wide and approach the face. To obtain a better result can cover your head with a towel to concentrate a greater amount of steam.

A scrub at least once a month, restores vigor and luster to your skin is then how to make your very simple and inexpensive home.

Take a cup of milk in which you have paid half of the amount coarse salt and half to add a few teaspoons of jojoba oil and mix together until the mixture is homogeneous enough at this point just get a certain amount and rub it with a sponge smooth all over the body. The effect will be immediate and dirt will be removed in an instant.

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