How To Keep Your Breathe Fresh All Day!

4 years ago

1. Brush twice a day. Use a soft- or medium-bristle brush; they are gentler to the surface of your teeth. Select a toothpaste with fluoride and an antibacterial agent such as triclosan. Choose a refreshing fragrance like mint -- rather than, say, a kid`s bubble gum flavored toothpaste -- to maximize pleasing breath.
2. Brush your tongue while brushing your teeth. It may tickle at first, but quickly becomes second nature. Use a tongue scraper at least once a week -- daily if bad breath is a problem.
3. Gargle with mouthwash for about a minute to kill other bacteria
4. Drink lots of water, it washes away food and bacteria particles from your mouth.
5. Chew sugar free gum during the day. Make sure it`s a mint flavour and it must by sugar free as sugar encourages more bacteria
6. Avoid garlic/ onion flavoured food. If you do happen to consume a food containing these vegetables, eat some parsley as it freshens breathe
7. Chew fennel seeds. They naturally freshen your breathe

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