HOW TO: How To Make a Home Made FaceBody Scrub

4 years ago

So let me just say, that It was about 1 in the morning.. I had nothing else to do and I thought I would quickly take some photos for a "How To" I thought I would post about. All photos are mine, and were taken on my iPhone 5! Yes I did pay some near 650 for it, but whatever people; get over it! Anyhow, lets move on. So I have 5 photos total, and I`m going to go in steps as in "In Photo 1..." etc. Today our How To is going to be a Facial/Body scrub. It contains salt and olive oil. Salt for the light or ruff exfoliation, and olive oil for the moisture, and it`s healthily filled with natural ingredients, and nutrients that are not harmful to our bodies! So. In Photo 1: I have Bertolli Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Kirkland Mediterranean Sea Salt, a miniature non lidded container, and a cute and tiny spoon for mixing... Trashy lighting; apologize for that! In Photo 2: Start out with about 2/4th of a tsp (teaspoon). In Photo 3: I have one cap full of the extra virgin olive oil. In Photo 4: Simply MIX! lol. Finally Photo 5: After mixing.. You`ll get something that looks like this. Pretty self explanatory.. But I mean; was bored and thought I would share for the simply distraction. By the way for the some that are worried, extra virgin olive oil and MEDITERRANEAN sea salt will not break you out. Asked my dermatologist... she said it`s practically impossible unless allergic. She also said make sure it is Mediterranean sea salt, and not regular; Chemical reactions to the natural skin oil will have different affects. Hope you enjoyed.. sorry again for trash lighting and trashy photos.. enjoy! c:

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